If you like to reduce the cost of relocation, we can offer the best solution.

Recently, in the IT related industries such as IC technology, the development, design and production process are internationally specialized. In that the processes which require state of the art technology such as the development and design are stationed in Japan. At the same time, others are relocated to the countries such as Taiwan, Korea and China to integrate the production process. Due to this industry wide movement, our relocation service has been expanding starting from the Asian region. We offer the best solution for the cost reduction through our group and partner company network.

Our characteristic and strength


Since VASTITY group has almost 100 specialized experienced engineers, we can offer the total service from the disassembling to the construction of entire production line.


Our project management is the key to the success. Based on the number of equipments to relocate and the distance of transfer, we estimate the required time for each procedure for the entire project. We also place the specialists and attendants according to the type and make of equipments and devices to relocate by the personal skill data base in our system. Furthermore, the entire procedure of the project is contorled and managed by the project director together with the safety personals. We have the skills and know-how to offer the best relocation project within your budget and in your time schedule.

Experience and Achievement

We alone has the experience of relocating the line with about 200 machines. Our Vastity group has succeeded relocating the large scale production line with 2500 machines.

Relocation Procedure


やじるし Assigning the engineers,Planning of dismantling procedure, Project management,Reporting of dismantling progress, Data recording and management, we proceed with at most care for the equipments and safty.


やじるし Pack the equipments with rappings and air-cusions so that the machines could be isolated from the air outside. Put the markign on the pointed parts for caution.

3.Carry Out

やじるし Planning carefully the method, the equipment used, the route and the personal, the machines are carried out from the housing keeping the quality and condition of air cleanness of the clean room.

4.Domestic Transfer

やじるし Based on the type of equipments, vehicles are chosed for the best transfer. 2t-10t, air-suspension, box, power-gate, crane(UNIC) vehicles are chosen with safty in consideration.

5.The packing for export

やじるし There are various ways of packaging available. Wood casing(box>, Crate casing(wood), Closed frame packing(wood,panel), Skid packing, Palet/Stretch packing, Vacume barrier packing etc.


やじるし Loading and stabilizing the equipment to the container.


やじるし After obtaining the export permit, making the export documentation, the custom clearance, the machines are shipped to the destination.


やじるし The carrying, assembling, adjustments and testing of the machine. We also offer the after care service.